Anti-Cable Theft Device

Introducing the CableGuard Pro: The Only Cable Protection Solution

State-of-the-Art Cable Protection: Experience unparalleled confidence in safeguarding your underground cables against theft and malicious damage with our state-of-the-art CableGuard. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your cables are protected against any potential threats, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Easy Installation, Maximum Effectiveness: Our cable protection units are not only highly effective but also incredibly easy to install. Say goodbye to hassles and downtime associated with complex installations. With CableGuard, keeping your cables safe is a seamless process, ensuring maximum protection without the headache.

Trust in Expertise and Knowledge: Rely on our unparalleled expertise and knowledge in the field. With years of experience, we bring you a solution that guarantees peace of mind. Choose CableGuard, and rest easy knowing that your cables are protected by the best in the industry.

Stay Ahead of the Game with CableGuard: CableGuard is not just a cable protection unit; it’s a game-changer. Specifically designed as a SigFox Ready device to monitor movement, our CableGuard features a 3-Axis accelerometer that enables the device to enter an ultra-low power state. It wakes up immediately upon detecting movement, allowing you to monitor motion or tilt on any stationary assets.

Real-Time Monitoring and Wireless Functionality: The rugged sensor design ensures real-time monitoring, providing instant awareness of any potential threats. Additionally, CableGuard incorporates Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality, enabling wireless configuration, setup, and commissioning. Experience the convenience of seamless, hassle-free management.

Choose CableGuard Pro and Unlock a Host of Benefits:

✅ Improve Service Delivery: Ensure uninterrupted service and exceed customer expectations.

✅ Eliminate the Risk of Theft: Say goodbye to cable theft worries and financial losses.

✅ Reduce Downtime: Minimize service disruptions and keep operations running smoothly.

✅ Reduce CAPEX and OPEX: Save on infrastructure maintenance costs and drive efficiency.

✅ Improve Repair Times: Respond swiftly to issues and enhance overall system reliability.

✅ Drive Revenue Growth: Maximize your revenue potential with a secure and reliable cable protection solution.

🌐 Address Risk Management: Proactively manage risks and fortify your infrastructure against potential threats.

🛡️ Enhance Cost Management: Optimize your budget with a solution that pays for itself through efficiency gains. 

Choose CableGuard Pro – Your Partner in Cable Protection Excellence!



● SigFox Certified ● ICASA Approved ● IP67 Rugged Housing ● Dimensions (LxWxH): 120 x 20 x 110mm ● Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C


● Equipped with Li-SOCL2 ● +5 Years Battery Life ● Online Battery Indicator ● Heartbeat Sent Once A Day


● Bluetooth Low Energy ● SigFox RCZ1 - Class 0