SafeGuard Pro

The SafeGuard Pro Panic Button is the ultimate solution for your tracking needs. Our cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrating GPS/SigFox and BLE, allows us to provide tailored solutions for you. Our unique mode configuration allows us to customize and provide unparalleled intelligence and efficiency to our users. You can count on us to track your vehicles, equipment, or personnel with precision and accuracy. Rest assured, the Panic Button has got you covered. As confident leaders in the field of tracking, we guarantee reliability and exceptional service. Choose the Smart Location Panic Button and experience the difference.

The SafeGuard Pro Smart Panic Button is a sophisticated and feature-rich device with a focus on security and resilience. Here are some key points:

1. Integration of Technologies:
– Seamlessly integrates GPS, SigFox, and BLE technologies, providing a comprehensive solution for tracking and communication.

2. Customization for Different Modes:
– The button can be tailored to meet specific client needs by configuring it for different modes. This flexibility enhances its adaptability to various use cases.

3. Resilience to Jamming:
– Designed to be resilient to jamming, ensuring uninterrupted communication.
– Utilizes global SigFox communication, providing a reliable communication network.

4. Certification and Readiness:
– Holds RC1 certification and RC4 readiness, attesting to its capability to ensure continuous and secure communication.

5. Extended Range Real-Time Communication:
– Uses SigFox Compliant radio networks to enable extended range real-time communication.
– Works seamlessly even in areas where cellular network coverage is limited, enhancing its usability in diverse environments.

6. Easy to Use and Upgrade:
– USB-C rechargeable for convenient power management.
– Firmware upgrades can be performed via the mobile application, ensuring the device stays up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

7. Self-Diagnostics:
– Conducts daily self-diagnoses through heartbeat messages to ensure the button is in top working condition.

8. Cost-Effective and Low-Maintenance:
– Offers a long battery life of up to 8 months on one charge, contributing to a low total cost of ownership.
– Maintenance-free autonomy results in significant cost savings over time.

9. Versatile and Compact Design:
– Small form factor and multifunctional capabilities make it versatile and adaptable for various use cases.
– Offline logging capability allows the device to store additional points when network connectivity is limited, ensuring data integrity.

Overall, the SafeGuard Pro Smart Panic Button is a robust and user-friendly solution, addressing security concerns while providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness for its users across different scenarios.





● SigFox Certified ● ICASA Approved ● Dimensions (LxWxH): 75 x 50 x 17 mm ● Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C

Benefits Include:

● Resilient to jamming utilizing global SigFox communication, RC1 certified. ● Extended range real-time communication utilizing SigFox-compliant radio networks. ● Low cost - total cost of ownership reduction thanks to years of maintenance-free autonomy. ● Offline logging capable - for additional points that could not be sent in LPWAN messages.

More Benefits

● Small form factor. ● Inductive Charging. ● Multi-functional Configuration. ● Daily self-diagnoses via heartbeat message. ● Firmware upgradeable via the Mobile Application. ● Vibration and sound feedback ● The button is USB-C rechargeable, and its firmware can be upgraded ● Additionally, daily self-diagnoses via a heartbeat message ensure the button is always in top working condition