AssetGuard Pro

Our asset tracker is the perfect solution to keep your assets safe and secure. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it continuously evaluates the asset for any significant movement or magnetic presence. In the event that such movement is detected while the device is armed, it immediately sends a movement status message and tracks the location using its built-in GPS unit. Our tracker ensures that you'll always know where your assets are located and their condition. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and effective tool to help you protect your valuable assets.

1. Attachment to Asset:
– The AssetGuard Pro is physically attached to the asset that needs to be monitored.

2. Armed State:
– When the tracker is put into the armed state, it activates its monitoring functions.

3. Continuous Monitoring for Movement:
– The tracker continuously monitors the attached asset for any movement.

4. Motion Detection:
– If motion is detected, the tracker promptly sends a movement alert message.

5. GPS Fix:
– Upon detecting movement, the tracker initiates the process of obtaining a GPS fix as quickly as possible.

6. Location Data Transmission:
– After obtaining a GPS fix, the tracker transmits location data based on a set interval for one hour.

7. No Motion Detected:
– If no motion is detected within the one-hour period, the tracker enters a power-saving mode by going back into motion monitoring mode.

8. Battery Conservation:
– This motion monitoring mode helps conserve battery life when there is no movement to report.

The AssetGuard Pro is designed for asset tracking and security, activating when motion is detected, promptly alerting users, and providing location data for a specified time period before conserving battery by resuming motion monitoring mode in the absence of movement.


SigFox Certified ● ICASA Approved ● IP67 Rugged Housing ● Dimensions (LxWxH): 120 x 20 x 110mm ● Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C


● Equipped with Li-SOCL2 ● +5 Years Battery Life ● Online Battery Indicator ● Heartbeat Sent Once A Day


● Bluetooth Low Energy ● SigFox RCZ1 - Class 0